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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States, May 22nd, 2022:  SooNet announced an updated feature about  Rankout, enabling owners of version 5.74.

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Positive User Impact

Rankout has been receiving a positive response from its users around the world with over one million downloads on iOS and Android combined. Here’s what users have to say:

“Best social media that ranks me. Highly appreciated and recommended.” one of the users of Rankout. Another user said, “Rankout is not like other social apps. Its features are more dynamic. User can interact with others in an effortless way.” 

Rankout is imprinting special marks on users’ experience on social media. These days people are more likely to stay alone than socialize. In order to overcome this growing instability, Rankout lets its users to showcase their talents and ranks them.


Rankout is a social media platform where you can send messages, and upload posts and stories. And for every activity performed, you get rewarded in the form of points that get added to your rank.


Recent updates introduce some new features and multiple bug fixes in the App. There have been bug fixes in the wall of fame tab, comment section, etc. which has made the platform more user-friendly and stable. The ‘Wall of fame’ is made much cleaner i.e the tab consists of only posts and reactions rather than other unnecessary icons. Similarly, in the comment section, the timestamp of posted comments shows accurately.  

Moreover, a new and attractively re-designed login and the sign-up page give a better experience for the user.


In iOS, the conflicts that were appearing during login, logout, and re-login have now been resolved. Users can now switch between two or more accounts without any hassle. Along with that, Response time for all the tabs has been reduced. Similarly in the message section, the ordering of the messages now updates based on the latest conversation.

If a post features a photograph, users can see it from the notification tab without having to open the post. Users can see all the comments they’ve received in their post with an accurate timestamp of when it was posted. Also, the platform allows its users to delete their own comments. In addition, a feature to react to the post through various emojis is added. Moreover, videos from youtube are played in the app without having to open youtube.

 On the ‘Wall of Fame’ tab, a new feature has been introduced – both videos and photos are now displayed on it. When the upload date of a post crosses the five-day mark, then they are considered eligible for the ‘Wall Of Fame’.  The ordering of posts is based on the rank of the particular post.

Rankout creates a vibe of friendly competition with friends and family to get the highest rank. The interesting part of this friendly competition is user’s post with the highest rank appears on the top of the ‘Wall of Fame’ tab. 



SooNet Inc is a technology company currently focused on building the most competitive social media platform. The company was founded in 2018 and launched its first product in July of the same year.

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