About Rankout

Rankout is a social media application focused on providing the best social interaction experience. It allows users to upload posts that include photos, videos, thoughts in textual form, send messages, etc. The best part of surfing and performing activities on Rankout is it ranks your engagement in the app.

Rankout is in the form of a variety of tech-enabled activities. There are four tabs inside the app, namely, feed; where uploaded posts of your connections appear with accurate timestamps, various emoji reactions, a comment box, and save photos and videos. At the top of the page, you can view and upload stories.

Another tab is “Wall of Fame”. This tab is featured with displaying popular posts with huge ranks at the top. The ordering of posts is based on users rank, the post rank, when it was uploaded, and how many posts the user has posted in the given timestamp.

Next, the ‘Profile’ tab reveals the user’s profile picture, acquired rank to date, the total number of posts uploaded, and setting features with multiple menus like name, username, phone number, birthday, hometown, bio, email, password, to bring changes into the account considering users safety.

Subsequently, the team’s page/tab serves to bring like-interested people to one place to share their ideas and thoughts forming a squad. Lastly, the notification tab exhibits all the notifications received. In a nutshell, Rankout provides a better platform for its users to showcase their talent, creating friendly competition with friends and family to get the top rank. The Ranking feature of this app has grasped many users from around the world with over a million downloads. It was founded in 2018 by Soonet Inc. The company has been working conscientiously to upgrade its servers, and the new version of the app will feature improved visuals, and revamped UI, and will be noticeably faster.